Green Roofs & Walls


Why Build a Living Roof/Living Wall?
There are dozens of economic, social, and environmental benefits that green roofs provide
the property owner, the community, as well as the environment.  The following is a short
list of some of the most important:

  • * Conservation of energy by moderating temperatures on the roof and in the building in which they are built, as well as in surrounding areas
  • * Protection of conventional roofing systems, typically doubling the lifespan of a given roof
  • * Reducuction in stormwater runoff and delay the time at which runoff occurs
  • * Filtration of air and water
  • * Restoring habitat for wildlife
  • * Creating new and beautiful outdoor spaces that can be utilized for relaxation, growing food, and/or simply appreciated for their aesthetic value


The Council House Green Roof Project:


The Design Phase

A design sketch of a living green roof with flagstone patio in a succulent CA garden in Ojai


The Installation Phase

living green roof under construction showing waterproof membrane in Ojai living green roof under construction with soil and plantings in Ojai freshly planted living green roof being hand watered in Ojai


The Finished Product

A living green roof with CA dry succulent garden and flagstone patio in Ojai


CBL Landscapes works with an experienced team of design and construction professionals that can take your green roof project from conception to successful completion. Our team designs and builds extraordinary green roof landscapes that are tailored specifically to design needs of the client, the project site, and the surrounding regional environment.

If you are considering a green roof for your home or property, please contact us and allow our green roof team to turn your vision into reality.


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